WAMRV Baseline Climate Finance ToR Final

As detailed in the initiative’s Concept Note the WA MRV Programme will support the short term contracting of a national principal investigator ( in select 1 countries of the West Africa region, to conduct research and produce a comprehensive National Baseline Report on the MRV of Climate Finance. This activity is structured to facilitate a collaborative discussion in participating countries, and to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of the MRV System to generate policies, new infrastructure investments and climate governance reforms to achieve their respective Nationally Determined Contribution ( targets. The scope of the report will be tailored in each country: they will compile informati on, build awareness and understanding, and stimulate the discussion of the needs and wants in the national MRV system of climate finance This will be achieved through the identification and analysis of the state of development of the practices in each country, including: regulatory instruments, technological platforms, and initiatives already implemented (or in implementation) related to the tracking, monitoring, reporting and verification of climate finance information.
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